What Are The Services To Expect From A Local Realtor?

  • A realtor can be very useful for closing a property deal. When it comes to getting local homes for sale in Nova Scotia, these are some services that can be expected from a local realtor.

    Open Order and Escrow Title

    An escrow will be opened and a title policy will also be ordered for you by your transaction coordinator or agent. You have to write the contact details down for the closing agent, and pick a date for sales closure depending on when the loan of the buyer would be financed.

    Ongoing help until closure

    A realtor can continue to offer help to you even after the signing of a contract. He or she will coordinate processes like:

    • Deed preparation
    • Contract stipulations
    • Repairs
    • Get a realty attorney
    • Conduct a title search
    • Help with termite inspections
    • Help with moisture inspections
    • Offer assistance with home appraisal
    • Offer help with home inspection

    Every lending institution or individual mortgage company might need various things before the buyer is approved the final loan amount. Getting Nova Scotia homes for sale deals closed is not easy, and the knowledge and experience of a professional realtor can be very useful for sellers.


    These days, home sales are much more than merely advertising home sales with a ‘For Sale’ sign planted in the front yard or advertising the same in a newspaper. A realtor can market your home on brochures, websites, radio commercials, TV advertising, print media and more.