Where to buy 2020 Nike Kobe 5 Protro EYBL ?

  • Nike Kobe 5 Protro EYBL ,If you were a big Kobe Bryant fan, then you were probably also a huge fan of his sneakers. While his output with Adidas was a little underwhelming, there is no denying that his Nike shoes remain iconic, to this day.There have been teasers of various Nike Elite Youth Basketball League offerings and the Kobe 5 Protro appears to be a part of that.Throughout 2020, the Beaverton brand has been dropping a whole slew of the Nike Kobe 5 Protro colorways and now it seems like yet another is on the way.In the official photos below, you can see a green, white, and yellow Kobe 5 that truly encapsulates the spirit of the "EYBL" line. Forest green is the primary color on the upper and it creates a clean neutral aesthetic that would be perfect for virtually any ballplayer.

    Jordan 1 Fearless is constantly dropping new colorways of the Air Jordan 1, and it seems like they are incapable of missing. Simply put, sneakerheads go crazy for the Air Jordan 1 and they would jump out the window for any pair that releases. It's such a versatile silhouette that practically every single color scheme looks good on it. As we make our way throughout 2020, we are constantly being made privy to brand new AJ 1 offerings and it seems as though next year is going to be just as exciting.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes been on an NBA court since March although that hasn't stopped him and Nike from releasing brand new sneakers.The low-top iteration of the signature shoe is also a huge fit and is perfect for all of the ballplayers out there who prefer something with a much lower profile. While the Nike LeBron 17 has been extremely successful, the last few months have been filled with Nike LeBron 17 Low colorways.As you can see, the upper is a creamy white color, while the midsole is iridescent and goes from green at the front, to purple at the back. The latest colorway to be revealed is this "Glow In The Dark" offering that will surely impress all of your friends when you decide to go out and play at night. This gradient style provides an interesting look that is perfect for those who want the full Glow In The Dark experience.