CK7213-100 Nike Air Force 1’07 Low World Wide for Sale

  • Nike Air Force 1’07 Low World Wide is a bit special new color matching Air Force 1 1’07 "World Wide" stunning debut. This pair of shoes has a white upper base and a black and green pattern to outline the body. The laces and tongue are embellished with a barrage pattern. The side is light blue and the Swoosh logo is outlined. The tongue is also equipped with a blue pull tab. The overall design The recognition is super high.

    Latest Jordan 2020 chameleon white pink temperature change Air Jordan low chameleon original version colorful powder chameleon NIKE official ID custom model homologous channel supply scale leather material, according to the weather and environment changes to show different states a shoe 3 wear vibrato latest explosion , The hype of the new favorite Miss Sister's exclusive girl heart bursts out to satisfy your 3 moods and shapes for one more day of shoes.

    New Jordan With the original atmos temperament, the entire pair of shoes uses a color scheme that is almost the same as the atmos Air Max 1, giving people a "brother shoe" feel at a glance. The high degree of recognition will not have higher driving difficulty, and it should be quite popular among street players.