New Features in AngularJS

  • If you want to build apps for smartphones or web portals, consider hiring services of an expert and qualified AngularJS developer. Apps are very popular on smartphones and the internet. Businesses hire app development companies and developers for building apps that can promote their business. Apps that run fast and are easy to use are likely to attract users more. AngularJS is a framework that is used to build single-page applications. Building apps and testing them becomes easy by using this JavaScript framework by Google. The AngularJS versions 1, 2, 4, and 5 have become old and new versions 6, 7, 8, and 9 are becoming more popular now.

    Angular 6 has an angular element feature that helps in making widgets and components for existing web pages. Service workers in Angular version 5 were difficult to deactivate so Angular 6 has an option for removing exiting service workers easily. Internalization avoids the need to develop a single application for one locale. Bazel compiler rebuilds only the essential components without redeveloping the whole application. Ng-add, ng-update, tree shaking, and typescript 2.7 support are some helpful features.

    Angular 7 has new options like CLI prompts version 7.0.2. The new ng-compiler helps in reducing the bundle size of applications. There are features like virtual scrolling, DoBootStrap, and TypeScript 3.1 support. Angular 8 has Ivy Engine, Web Workers, Lazy Loading, Firebase, differential loading, opt-in usage sharing, CLI Builders, and updated TypeScript 3.4.

    Angular 9 has an Ivy compiler and a reliable ng-update. There are other features like API Extractor updates, and TypeScript 3.7. Correct testing and auditing of components have been made possible with the component harness. This AngularJS version addresses the problem of the phantom template variable. The best services of angularjs developers are available for web and mobile app development. If you need to hire a WordPress development company, visit this website.