Rocket League just continues on charging forward

  • As a part of the re-balance, XP will be on-line best and primarily based on Rocket League Trading time played in suits as well as your rating, to make it less difficult to level up early on if you do not have a top notch group. There also are some other XP mechanics being applied to similarly accommodate the brand new gadget.

    Finally, Psyonix is including a brand new Rocket Pass system which, while still in improvement, can have each unfastened and top class tracks a good way to can help you earn exceptional stages of loot, just like the Fortnite Battle Pass.

    Rocket League just continues on charging forward. The game has insane momentum, and it doesn't appear to be slowing. Psyonix have kept supporting their recreation, and gamers have saved gambling the auto football hybrid en masse.

    And now we have a few specific numbers on what number of. The developer introduced on Twitter that the game has now exceeded 14 million players. That is lots. More so than many AAA games.