These enchanting, spellbinding

  • These enchanting, spellbinding places are the perfect to spot Scotland's magical creatures, from fairies and trolls to our national animal the lesser spotted unicorn, but please take great care when visiting.These spectacular sights may be beautiful, but like all fairy tale settings, there is danger lurking around every corner.Linn of Quoich, near Ballater, Upper DeesideThe Isle of Skye's 180 foot Mealt Falls waterfall, is both beautiful and terrifying in equal measures. Feeding from Mealt Loch nearby, the waterfall plummets at a ferocious speed into the Sound of Raasay below, where the island's mermaids might just be waiting to greet you or eat you, depending on their mood. Both Mealt Falls and Skye's famous mountain, the Kilted Rock, named after its pleated appearance, can be viewed from the Trotternish Peninsula. (Coach Outlet Store)

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