It takes a moment but PSO2 definitely worth to play

  • As a hunter I would recommend using the Crosscut PA which does a three hit combo and PSO2 Meseta makes your sword big. If you want to branch out that I find lance for a wonderful choice weapon on hunter since it can strike multiple enemies but seems to have slightly superior reach without having to spam the PA all the time. So that you may cross the map quicker I would suggest finding a mobility PA or journey slash to spam and you'll be able to feel as if you're contributing when you bouncers and party with rangers.

    The themepark mindset will not succeed at Phantasy Star Online 2. If you're the type of person who relies on manuals or assembles into follow meta and all that You might have to consider at a sandbox mindset and then make a decision as to what types of quest you want to do or what abilities you want to choose. And if you're worried you are going to screw up it, there's definitely going to be occasions which provide reset tickets out. Nevertheless I try to commit skill points and would suggest studying in your course excels what and if you feel as if you really like using a moveset a lot I would invest more in that area.

    In terms of leveling, there's going to be wide gaps during yes and the leveling procedure...grouping using a maximum number of players provides you an exp bonus like elderly MMOs. The way you can inform you are dealing dmg would be to judge if a place being attacked by you and compare the amounts to some other place you assaulted. There is also some clinic quests which behave as tutorial quests in case you still don't know some things about other classes there's also one in which you fight a rockbear (giant gorilla thing with stones in it) that acts kinda like a training area.

    From what I know about hunter dps, you want to construct attention. That allows you to charge a good deal of photon arts aka PAs faster. Then you spam half charged rising slash as it's apparently the top dps PA.. You utilize nova strike for aoe mobs. You want to receive the PA that allows you dash to enemies asap as well as it makes it possible to save time. There's also a PA that shoots a ranger circular attack and that's pretty nice once you can reach or you are aoe mobbing. I also try not to worry to much about ideal safeguarding as a normal guard enables you to survive (generally ) and makes it possible to get an notion of how to time an ideal guard next moment.

    I just think people radically overstate how"costly" and"complicated" getting a summoner to a good state is. Like I have seen people suggest summoner not runs initially since they say it is so expensive and everything if in really, just going along with what drops is going to be more than you will need. The"good" parfaits and rolls are not even available yet (it's possible to get 2 support rolls now, one from a title and you from a Pietro affinity level). Now the pet and stats are nice, but like my Redran for example (favorite pet and first I maxed) that is just +130 tec when it's at base of 1097 at level cap and my personality's tec is 1361. In the range of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta just 5 percent more stat from the eggs I fed it.