They should split the dev team and split up Madden NFL 21

  • I was shaking the thing like a fat kid trying to Mut 21 coins get the last jellybean but to no avail. Then, I attempt to play with a game. I get into Madden NFL 21 and sit there holding B and waiving my arm at a shooting movement, waiting for my guy to have a shot for him to have checked a few seconds later having not taken a shot. My guys took a grand total of about 15 shots, after making about 100 shooting moves. My guy'll be skating up the ice, I point behind himpush A and he moves it horizontally. The purpose passing much never goes to where I am pointing. And do not even get me started about the Superskill stuff" You people will never be content so what do you do. Just surviving in the world. The protokaren.All this new madden Information

    This is what I'm saying! Do you know how much time it takes to come up with skills that are X-Factor? Or opt to add ideas Do you understand how difficult it is to make the Cowboys go 14-2 every year? They except mountains to move like the nothing of it. Team tracking on the stats page? Not sure when the PS5 can handle that! Create-a-team? How about you make a budget! Listen to players feedback and make adjustments based on those?? But I can not acquire since I need better tools that are jogging MY mut matches! Let us buff!

    This is what has gotten me. Except creating more cards what do they actually DO with MUT? They do not have a framework and motor for that by now? Should be able to accomplish this with essentially a content management system. So then what else are they? I don't remember seeing anything new even MUT works, Since having loaded that match a ton of occasions. They're running a bare bones group who just adds in a couple of half baked thoughts to throw the box using a few obscure wordage while they spend most of their budget on marketing to try and get kids who frankly do not understand any better to purchase it.

    EAs stock has not been doing well for a little while, and instead of doing what other publishers have done creating good Madden NFL and listening to feedback, EA has decided to strip to make their stock more attractive. Madden is one of those few franchises that offer an increase to their stock that is the reason why EA is trying to milk it hard. Their executives have a bag of marbles' foresight. EA earns one dollars a year okay Fifa alone. Stock is more healthy than ever my friend. Why they keep putting out this crap, that's unfortunately. Only way would be to vote with your dollars. People would need to refuse to buy it. But there are far less die challenging than casuals who frankly don't really care and just want an updated roster on the area with similar enough stats to actual life.

    This might appear kinda dumb but I feel like at this stage they should split the dev team and split up Madden NFL 21. Rather than paying $60 for Madden, have it divided into two choices. That is somewhat different, although kinda like that Warzone along with the regular game split. There should be 3 purchasing options. Option A: For $30 you receive access to Ultimate Team and perform now and that type of stuff but no franchise mode. Choice B: For $30 You get access to Franchise Mode, play today, whatever career mode, etc.. But no Ultimate Team. And Choice C: you buy the game for $60. Instead of taking the funds and giving 90% to Mut, you split it and buy Madden nfl 21 coins take the sales.