Oxygen Mask Mould-Product Index Of Oxygen Mask

  • The cover, catheter, gas source connector and oxygen bag of the product are made of polyvinyl chloride material, and the adjustment module, transition joint and breathing valve are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS) material. Ordinary type (common mask) is composed of mask body, air source connector, joint, catheter, aluminum card, rubber band; adjustable type (adjustable oxygen concentration mask) is composed of mask body (large hole), air source connector, catheter, adjustment module , Transition joint or humidification conversion device, aluminum card, rubber band; oxygen bag type (oxygen bag mask) is composed of the body, air source connector, oxygen bag, breathing valve, catheter, aluminum card, valve sheet, rubber band. The products are divided into five sizes: adult enlargement (XL), adult (L), child (M), baby (S) and newborn (XS). The product should have a smooth feel and uniform color; the ventilation holes on the cover should be round, evenly distributed, and must not be clogged; the adjustment of the adjustment module should be flexible; the catheter in the product should be free of obvious distortions, flattening, etc.; the products are connected The connection at the place should be firm, reliable, and able to withstand a static axial tensile force of 10N for 15 seconds. Sensitization. If ethylene oxide is used for sterilization, the residual amount of ethylene oxide should be no more than 10mg/Kg after sterilization for seven days.


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