Selection Of Single Phase Meter


    The general specifications of the current marking method of the energy meter are as follows:

    Single phase: 1.5(6)A 2.5(10)A 5(20)A 5(30)A 10(40)A 10(60)A 15(60)A 20(80)A limit 20(100)A( (Rarely used)
    *The previous value is the calibration current or dao called rated current. Ib is the maximum load current in brackets

     In use, the load power current cannot exceed the maximum load current of the energy meter. On the contrary, it will cause damage to the meter. In severe cases, it will cause the meter to burn out and a safety accident.

    The current specifications of single-phase energy meters are basically the above. With the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, household appliances are increasing, and small-sized energy meters are no longer suitable for the current market environment. The current mainstream specifications are basically stopped. It is 5(20)A or 5(30)A. Many places have selected 10(40)A as the basic specification for civilian use. The maximum specification of single-phase energy meters is generally 20(80)A. Its overload capacity can reach 100A. Basically, it will not be damaged or there will be a safety accident. If the load is often around 100A, it is recommended to choose a three-phase four-wire energy meter to be relatively safe. The 20(100)A energy meter is already the limit in the single-phase energy meter current specifications . If the maximum load current exceeds 80A, this specification can be selected appropriately.

    The current value before the bracket is called the basic current, which is used to calculate the load base current value. The current in the bracket is called the rated maximum current, which is the maximum current value that can make the energy meter work normally for a long time, and the error and temperature rise fully meet the specified requirements.

    According to the requirements of the regulations, the basic current of the directly connected energy meter should be determined according to the rated maximum current and overload multiples. Among them, the rated maximum current should be determined according to the approved customer reported load capacity; overload multiples, for normal operation If the actual load current of the energy meter in the system reaches more than 30% of the maximum rated current, it should be taken twice; if the actual load current is less than 30%, it should be taken 4 times. Residents generally double the meter allocation to meet the needs of residents’ natural increase in electricity consumption within a certain period of time. If you apply for 10A, a meter with a maximum rated current of 20A is considered. Considering that the household electricity load changes with seasonality, in order to measure accurately now All use 4 times the table that is 5 (20) A.

    The above means that the maximum allowable current of the 5(10)A table is twice that of the 10(20)A and 5(20)A. The maximum allowable current of the 5(20)A table and the 10(20)A table is The same, but 5 (20) A meter measurement is more accurate at light load.


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