Pu Notebook-Benefits Of Notebook System


    Each of these systems can help you stay productive, but it's hard to imagine an application that can provide the same benefits with less work. Why choose a simulated productivity system instead of just searching another app in the App Store?

    Compared to digital tools, one of the biggest benefits of using pens and paper is that you can use them at will. Most software is designed with the ideas and opinions of its manufacturer in mind, so you cannot operate exactly as you wish (unless you make digital tools yourself).

    On the other hand, using a notebook and pen, you can use any of the simulation systems mentioned above to switch from one to another, or take apart each part and piece them together into your own system.

    With the simulation method, you can continue to use the same tool in different ways. If you are tired of spending too much money on new tools and want to find a miracle tool, that may be the most important benefit. If you try the Bullet Journal method and think it is not for you, you can try another method on the next page of the notebook. No new consumables (or fees) are required. No need to wait for the application to provide updates or bug fixes.

    BYO tools
    Speaking of power supplies, one of my favorite things about analog systems is that they allow you to use any tool you like. Whether you prefer high-end pens and leather notebooks, or ordinary pencils and sticky notes, you can use the tools that you feel most comfortable and affordable, and still benefit from these organizational systems. And, usually, you already have the tools you need on your desk.

    Tactile experience
    Some people just like the tactile experience. I am one of them. I like the feeling of putting the pen on the paper.

    However, in addition to enjoyment, there is a good reason for handwriting notes and making lists. Research shows that when we write something, we tend to remember better things. When taking notes on the keyboard, we tend to transcribe directly (even if told not to do so, it is too easy).

    However, on paper, we usually take notes slowly, which forces us to rewrite, doodle, and shorten notes. When writing notes by hand, we will spend more time thinking about what to write because we must understand and explain the information so that we can quickly write down the most important parts.

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