Design Characteristics Of Hydraulic Pumps


    Hydraulic Pumps    are the power source for many dynamic machines. The hydraulic pump can push a large amount of oil through a hydraulic cylinder or a hydraulic motor. In this way, the pump converts the mechanical energy (i.e. torque, speed) of the drive into hydrostatic energy (i.e. flow, pressure). You can use a hydraulic press equipped with a pump to complete different types of work, such as lifting, lowering, opening, closing or rotating components.

    The hydraulic pump operates according to the displacement principle. This involves the presence of a mechanically sealed chamber in the pump. Through these chambers, fluid is transferred from the pump inlet (suction port) to the outlet (pressure port). The sealed cavity ensures that there is no direct connection between the two ports of the pump. Therefore, these pumps are very suitable for operation at high system pressures and very suitable for hydraulic systems.

    Use single-chamber vane pumps or piston pumps to operate variable displacement hydraulic pumps.
    The manufacture of hydraulic pumps depends on different functions and hydraulic system requirements, such as working medium, required pressure range, driver type, etc. There are many design principles and configurations behind hydraulic pumps. Therefore, not every pump can fully meet all requirements at the optimum level. There are three different types of hydraulic pumps: gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps.


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