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  • They can find equilibrium, although cant prevent a meta. They ought to make cards more powerful to make them desirable, sell packs, and promote the mill and whatnot. However they have not figured out the perfect balance of these meta that was necessary to generate a healthful and continually evolving. It is a truly challenging undertaking. 2K probably has many ways for them to focus on this one, and might benefit from reducing the amount of modes OR consider different games. Imagine if MyTeam or 2k21 mt xbox one even MyCareer were F2P such as the BR shooters?

    Lol the online experience from today is sufficient to convince me and MyTeam not to play. Horrible servers, the worst match mechanic ever surmised in equalizer, the most unrealistic cards, cheese and exploits that literally anybody can acquire with... the proof is all there, 2K do not even attempt to hide it. I will stick to rec park and proam, at least there I know I won't be punished for having a group that is better than the opponent lmao. Sounds stupid stating that although sadly it's true in this sad excuse of a style.

    The issue is that is what intimidator badge has been likely to be lol as the year goes the challenge is 2K hands out badges to just anybody. If they added this"fearless" badge then intimidator may as well not even exist because 2K will give everybody equally on gold or HOF they will just cancel eachother out. Intimidator is overpowered but there needs to be some type of equilibrium to NBA 2K. If you do not have little nuance badges like that that make a large impact then it might as well be everybody with all the badges and every stat 99 or zero badges and 2k21 pc buy mt bronze stats visa versa you need some type of curveball and I suppose that is 2K edition of it.

    Enjoy if before you rant you understand basketball's rules. In the event you are not aware, in the last 2mins of every quarter they will be set by that the 2nd foul committed. Nothing is false. Learn the principles and take it to your benefit kid. But if you foul me twice in last 2mins im shooting at these fts. Dont rant everything.