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  • They also have a corner on those franchises. They cannot manage to observe those businesses dip in earnings or sales if they wish to stay ahead of companies such as Activision. Case in point is how they are handling the Battlefield series. They're giving DICE nearly 2-3 years from the launch of BF5 to do BF6 because of the failure of the preceding Madden 21 coins.

    Sports Madden NFL are so dumb nowadays, they shouldn't be annual releases in any respect. Release one game every 3-4 years using new features / enhancements. In the mean time, launch a roster change limitation (or even as dlc) that you can toggle to utilize. Boom done. They would probably con a couple more folks in their shitty microtransactions in this manner, but as it's the whales who invest tens of thousands each year on exactly the same game are just too great to really do something that makes sense. Oh yeah, just get people to not purchase one the most popular, money making game franchises. The next game will be bought by 100 without issue, for 1 person here not purchasing it.

    From my understanding, and I have hardly any. A couple YouTube rants and permit renewal news. If earnings during the next 3 to 5 years drop the contract would fall with ea. Meaning devs can release NFL Madden NFL.I believe you already understand this and are saying how do we stop them from buying Madden for 5 decades? And that, I don't understand. I played with the one released for a month or two back on PC a year. Was the source pass. (And that could happen to be a free trial.) I would never invest a buck I paid $60 for. Does not make sense. Folks are dumb.

    Anyone reading this that spent $10 to $100 why? As you operate, speed up buy Madden 21 coins game? Boost play gameplay? Idk how they operate in Madden. But if it's only a half hour of work for you to obtain a micro trade or chump change because you are rich, wouldn't you rather have NFL road 2K 25 with mad graphics and crazy fun gameplay along with other NFL, more realistic and graphic in 10 years than Madden will be?

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