Do It At Precisely The Same Moment

  • You might have learned 69 languages in this moment! Etc" sentiment around. Well, guess what people do what they do in their free time but they also play RS at exactly the exact same moment. Similarly to you, I read about issues that are serious while playing Madden 21 coins - likely more than I would if I didn't possess the discipline of sitting down and playing for hours at a time. Sure, some folks do go a step too far with RuneScape, but I feel like most people who say things like this can do it for the play and looking like a prey. "omg I drink a bottle of wine every other day, I am such an alcoholic! zomg"

    It's simple to become addicted due to what OP's picture points outside. In my opinion. Around 90% of RuneScape is a total waste of time since attaining a high degree on a skill isn't an issue of skill a matter of time. This is the reason why I sometimes look at people who purposedly get 200M XP in certain skill or get 99 in abilities they never use and wonder why the fuck do they worry or why folks celebrate it as an accomplishment as it literally takes no effort. People can literally play with RuneScape paying hardly any attention to it while doing something else, I do not recall a game requiring so little effort and thinking to ever be good.

    Contrary to my expectations, it would seem that a great deal of players agree that RS dependence is severely and real affect people's lives. Originally I had been very curious to see how many folks would disagree with the proposal that RS is addictive (or like you mentioned, not care), downvote this, and move on. That's why I suggested (in another comment) that this community might be somewhat toxic, as there is constant self-deprecation based around RuneScape being exceptionally addictive and its players a hopelessly and endlessly hooked group. Originally I found this amusing, but so gradually did I start to find it frustrating and sad. As for what you said about 90 percent of RuneScape being predicated around monotonous time investment instead of creating any ability inside RuneScape (and the gloomy irony of the being known as the"ability system"), god damn is that an eye opener.

    It was difficult to put my finger on what I meant, although I always told anyone who asked that RS was unique to some other game they could name. However, now I realize that"grinding" means to simply put time into something rather than develop any kind of skill or ability within RuneScape, that is foreign to some other present game, even most RPGs (I think). PVP is buy Madden 21 coins really the sole skill-based system in RuneScape that I can think of off hand, and just a very small minority of the playerbase even does this. It is a bit embarrassing to reflect on the fact that my parties of my own and others'accomplishments have just been"discriminated on investing X amount of time into nothing rather than getting better at anything within RuneScape or otherwise". It should've been clear that this is the very fact of RS, but I guess I simply never framed it that way in my head.