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  • Also, everyone seems to hate when the nba 2k21 cheap mt game forces you to shoot a leaner on the catch when in a more realistic sense in the event that you wanted to catch and shoot on the move you would go grab in a leap stop (like Klay Thompson will ) and pull up without leaning in the event that you've got sufficient body controller. The way to implement: Pretty easy really, while the pass is at the atmosphere press something like triangle/Y once and/or to do both animation. If they still want the option to allow you to throw a lob pass or a bounce pass right on the grab (which I really don't see folks do whatsoever ) then produce the jump-stop and three-point feet setting commands some thing like L2/LT+triangle/Y and L2/LT+circle/B while the pass is in the atmosphere.

    While it's been fine the last few years, I think that an overhaul of the atmosphere and surroundings would require this game to another level with the changes. A crew that is commentating. Listening to Kevin Harlan is getting stale with the recycled lines from years and years ago. When it's possible, it would be amazing to find another group of commentators to make things feel fresh.More realistic audience model. Watch the advancement in WWE 2K's audience. I think it's time to create the people in the audience a little more life-like.

    Better commentator & audience reactions following big plays. Among the worst parts about it is that the silence that is arbitrary. For example, there's a solid chance my home crowd will cheer for me once I make a 3-pointer, however if I slip the ball another after and score again, there is also a better than good chance that the audience will randomly move silent. Not to mention, the audience noise itself sounds like it's stuck in past gen. More statistical screens during games. When playing with a season, there should be time.

    Different scoreboard layout choices. We ought to have multiple presentation packages so it doesn't always seem the game. Ability to modify arena sounds. Similar to MLB the show, let's give us the ability to port and capture the sounds of arenas to every team it into the game via drive. Seeing the announce team. Like this season, what was added to some MyCareer games, it'd be cool to have a shot of the announcers whilst doing the introduction. Wounded players wearing suits.

    Select and roll handoff screens. I wanted to bring it to their attention again, although I know why this wasn't added this year Da_Czar clarified. Faster layup animations for guards. It feels just like a great deal of times when you move to take a layup and you've got a large lane that is open and the animation is so slow that someone comes from out of nowhere a cubes it. I'd love to see this enhanced. Offline Create-A-Player: PLEASE don't forget about this feature. I can't stress enough MASSIVE it's for offline players concerning making draft courses, missing legends, etc.. And while big strides were made in nba2k21 mt, a lot is left to be desired. This list outlines a lot of what we would like to see added.