See Every Single Person In The Park Through Games

  • I have to say that from a business perspective, the guys at how to get mt in nba 2k21 are brilliant. They've layered so many methods to make people (like myself) need to invest real money to secure more VC. But as a gamer that hates spending more cash than the purchase price and a consumer, they're currently pissing off their client base. There's so much wasted time in this game waiting to get a matchup if you don't play this game 24/7 or you spend to get ahead. They did a great job undergoing little backlash financially and gradually introducing mtx. When it comes to revenue, it's excellent for TakeTwo in the interim, but there's only so many occasions they can do so (or at least that's what I am hopeful for). I doubt that time will be kind to them, as it takes very little critical thinking to realize how much a shitshow that franchise's games are very. I mean, there are games that came out a decade ago than that.

    What we need is NBA Live to become good enough to pose a danger. 2K has appreciated respecting the monopoly they have in the basketball game marketplace. So they never had to fear loosing their playerbase, there was no direct competition. Their only competition was fortnite, hence why they included the ball battle royal mode to scratch that itch some folks might have in efforts. I am definitely excited about seeing Live improve during the upcoming few years. Count me if it provides a legitimate aggressive part that works well along with some animation enhancements. It is getting better every year. Hell, as it stands it better than 2K is with.. You understand.. Matchmaking that is Real and menus that are working.

    Annually, the sport sells more copies and microtransaction revenues are record breaking. Sorry to say their strategy works well, thats the truth that is sad. They wont change anything as earnings dont start dropping. And why should they from a business perspective? We are essentially telling them each year"Wow what a fantastic match 2k" because we fall for the same shit every year. I can guarantee you that in the event that you ask anyone right now everybody says"No im not buying 2k20 next year, im not falling for this". Ask the same person year because 2k promised that everything is fixed and they already preordered.

    The cover to win thing is brought up, can I ask? I understand you can skip right ahead and jump directly to enjoy 88 by buying VC, however, their is so much that should be grinded to actually skill up. IMO the difficulties are the points are not at all earned. I play mt for 2k21 mostly livelihood, will play SOME park, but I simply dont have TIME to grind 45 hours to cap break to get 90. I hit on 3 cap breakers and put probably 12 hours in, have had my Center since launch, and cant hit 90. $ $ isnt going to help me be so not sure debate to be won by the pay if im being honest. Certainly pay to skip the first grind, however I dont find it to triumph.