Animal Crossing Bells says within the interview

  • There were small hints that Nintendo may be re-wondering its console-handiest commercial enterprise plan. In 2019, in the course of an interview with Nikkei (translated by using Nintendo Everything thru Eurogamer), Nintendo president Furukawa hinted that the business enterprise has been considering expanding outdoor of domestic console hardware in an try to stay as bendy as possible as technology progresses, even though whether or not those plans include PC gaming is hard to guess.

    "We aren;t definitely fixated on our consoles," Animal Crossing Bells says within the interview. "At the moment we;re offering the uniquely developed Nintendo Switch and its software—and that;s what we;re basing how we deliver the ;Nintendo enjoy; on. That being said, generation modifications. We;ll keep to assume flexibly about a way to deliver that revel in as time is going on."

    This isn;t truly surprising, as any generation-based employer might want to maintain in rhythm with what;s new and Furukawa highlights this, bringing up Nintendo;s move into the cell marketplace in addition to thoughts for potential theme parks and movies. But if we;re speaking approximately the changing technology of videogames, then absolutely PC gaming is a huge part of that progression.