And I just tell them Rocket League Items to watch streams

  • For starters, mutual nostalgia aside, Runescape players have something else in common: they play an unabashedly grindy game. In-game milestones can take days or weeks to achieve, so players are always looking for something to watch or listen to in order to ease the grind. Old School streams became the perfect fix, something streamer Knightenator , one of the standout women in the Old School streaming scene, is keenly aware of. (Note: Knightenator and several other interviewees asked to be addressed by their player names in this article.)

    "A lot of the stuff you do is some sort of grind, so you need some motivation," she says. "People come into my chat like, 'how do I get to this level?' or, 'I'm trying to get through this grind, what do you recommend?' And I just tell them Rocket League Items to watch streams. It will inspire you and distract you. Most of the time, whatever you're doing as a streamer, you can spend a lot of the time focusing on chat, whereas with other games you have to completely ignore that. Old School streams are based on interaction, so the community is incredibly loyal."

    Motivation really is the operant word, isn't it? Never mind a weekly goal, how could you play the same game for so long? I was drained after putting 100 hours into Persona 5. What keeps people coming back to Runescape for years?