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  • Here is my design, I find more action bars far more convenient than getting the interfaces all open as there are only a handful of prayers/spells/abilities that will be really used by you. OSRS gold takes up half of my 4K display, the other half is devoted to pursuits like watching videos, programming, I use it a whole lot to hunt wiki and look at quest guides. I couldn't play in your installation, RuneScape perspective is ridiculously small and there's a good deal of mess, but when it works for you that am I to day.

    No disrespect to RuneScape participant base, but as an OS RuneScape player this is crazy to see. I really don't understand whats happening there far on the screen lmao. I know this is pushing on the UI to its maximum, but the thought to allow you have that much to put on your display is absurd.

    Shouldn't be absurd, its control for you, mate, displaying what you want. For your social butterflies, they can eliminate battle stuff, and for PVMers, they can eliminate social stuff. Clean UIs are nice to look at, though it might be overwhelming to non players that are RS3.Old School Runescape Money Making Guide for Beginners

    This guide is going to reveal Cheap Rs gold players some of the strategies to create money when starting out in their journey during Old School Runescape. Building a new account on Old School Runescape can often feel like an uphill climb in the beginning. It can seem difficult to produce the base needed to do things throughout RuneScape. Even though this might be a challenge for RuneScape players, many RuneScape players want to make it through these early stages as promptly as possible.