This was leading to PSO2 Meseta

  • In addition they could bounce ideas back and forth between the community on Discord to find out the Dusk Mage's main"escape" ability wasn't being used often and this was leading to PSO2 Meseta people believing that the class was super squishy, despite data showing it had been just nice. People appeared ineffective at actually being useful in any way and were not using the escape ability, because it had been on such a cooldown.

    And yet, Echtra didn't wish to give it a much more compact cooldown, since they were worried the skill could be mistreated for travel at high speed across maps and trivializing content. The solution? Whether the rate burst was minimal, just so long as it was usable more 21, the players didn't care. In future evaluations, the Dusk Mage's escape is going to have a 6 minute cooldown and the rate is only going to be a brief 20% increase (or thereabouts). No misuse, and the escape skill will in fact be used for what it's meant to be utilized.

    If they would just give us more Alpha tests and maybe some keys to give to you ... let's make it happen, Echtra!

    Quick, vibrant, bright, and action-packed, PSO2 Meseta impressed me. I almost resented the comparatively compressed size of the demonstration slice, and found myself hungry to perform when time expired, randomly walking about and thwacking monsters for many moments after beating the boss solely for the tactile joy of this brawling.

    PSO2 Meseta feels like a cheap meseta pso2 match that is proper, and that is exactly what I wanted. It is an evolutionary take on Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta's Diablo-inspired formula, a game defined by the small items: subtle monster animations, smart lighting effects, excellent art direction, which elusive hook of struggle, loot, upgrade, repeat. However, while Frontiers revisits of the finest of this action RPG staples, it's also trying a few new things.