Metal Bed Company-Material And Demand For Furniture Bed

  • The bed is generally used in bedrooms, dormitories, wards, hotels, and other places. It is usually used to meet the daily sleep of humans, record the weight of the monitor, and design the trend toward intelligence. In the old days, wood was usually used as the material, but stainless steel and metal were also the main materials. Generally composed of dozens of parts. The standard configuration is composed of bed head, bed frame, bed end, bed leg, bed mattress, electric push rod, left and right safety guards, insulated mute casters, integrated dining table, and equipment storage tray. It uses punching, assembly, welding, pressing Riveting, rust removal, plastic spraying and other processes. It has the characteristics of flame retardant, rodent proof, mothproof, durable, practical and simple, beautiful, easy to clean, easy to move, safe to use and so on. One third of people's time is spent in bed. After thousands of years of continuous evolution and improved design, in addition to satisfying ordinary people to sleep, it can also be equipped with supporting mattresses, weight monitors, air cushions, medical rehabilitation equipment, invisible hooks for urine bags, and can also increase meals, electric backs, and regular rollovers. , Mobile walking, standing, negative pressure urination, sitting and lying, heating and cooling and other functions, can meet ordinary people to sleep, can also meet children, critically ill patients, people with disabilities, the elderly, hospital patients, at home medical rehabilitation, learning life, Office emergency and other needs. The types of beds are flat bed, single bed, bunk bed, power bed, double bed, joint rehabilitation nursing bed, electric lifting bed, intelligent turn-up nursing bed, handicap bed, four-poster bed, children's bed, sick bed , Treatment bed, folding bed, weight monitoring nursing bed, massage bed, electric station bed, air cushion bed, day bed, etc.



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