You can use Nook Miles to buy New Horizons diving suits

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should prepare to dive. Nook Inc. brand diving suits can be purchased through Nook Miles. If you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can choose to get them from

    The Nook-themed wetsuit is full-length in colorful turquoise and black, with the classic Nook logo on the front. The "wetsuit" item will be added to Nook's Cranny. For players who would rather spend the bells on Nook Miles, it will cost 3,000 bells.

    After purchasing a wetsuit, in addition to swimming and diving, players can also enjoy many marine activities. Many new sea creatures can be discovered and donated to Blathers' museum, such as starfish, scallops, and spotted garden eels.

    Swimmers may also encounter the new actor Pascal (Pascal) in the ocean, looking for fishing friends in the sea. Buy Animal Crossing Bells on can enjoy great discounts and help you improve game efficiency.