Hardware Fitting -Die Casting Process: A Few Steps


    Traditional die casting also has four steps, also known as high pressure die casting. They are also the basis of any die casting variant: mold preparation, filling, ejection, and shaking. The mold is prepared by spraying lubricant into the mold cavity. Lubricants help to control the temperature of the mold, but also help remove castings. The mold is then closed and molten metal is injected into the mold under high pressure. 10 to 175 MPa (1,500 to 25,400 psi). After the mold cavity is filled, the pressure is maintained until the casting is solidified. Then open the mold and eject the top mold through the thimble (the top mold is different from the casting, because there may be multiple cavities in the top mold, and each top mold produces multiple castings). Finally, the elimination process involves separating the scrap (including gate, runner, gate, and flash) from the shot. This is usually done in power presses or hydraulic presses using special dressing dies. Other methods of shaking include sawing and grinding. The less labor-intensive method is to roll off the lens if the door is thin and easily broken. The gate must be separated from the finished product. These waste materials are recovered by remelting. The yield is about 67%. High-pressure injection leads to rapid filling of the mold, which is necessary, so that before any part of the casting solidifies, the entire cavity will be filled. In this way, even if the shape requires a thin section that is difficult to fill, discontinuities can be avoided. This creates the problem of air entrainment, because when filling the mold quickly, the air has little time to escape. This problem can be minimized by providing ventilation holes on the parting line, but even in the process of high refining, there will still be some voids in the center of the casting. Most die casting machines perform other auxiliary operations to produce features that are not easy to cast, such as tapping, polishing, electroplating, polishing, or painting.

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