Power Generation Tools -Aluminum Die Casting: Common Alloy


    Aluminum die casting is a commonly used alloy in today's die casting process because it is widely used in various products. One of the main advantages of aluminum die castings is that they are very light and can withstand the highest operating temperature of all die casting alloys. Aluminum also has high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin-wall applications. Aluminum die castings are also selected for their corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties, making them the first choice for a wide range of applications from consumer electronics housing to marine applications. Aluminum die castings also have high thermal and electrical conductivity, and EMI shielding makes aluminum an excellent choice for network and telecommunications applications because it provides shielding performance while providing effective heat dissipation for internal electronic components. The lightness of aluminum die castings makes them ideal for handheld applications such as power tools and other portable devices, and they are also widely used in automotive and aerospace applications to reduce weight and save fuel. Aluminum die castings are also easy to process to meet high precision requirements, and can be easily chromated, anodized, painted or powder coated.

    Industries using aluminum die castings:

    Ship parts
    Aviation parts
    Automobile industry
    electrical tools
    Consumer electronics products
    Computer computing
    Network and Telecom
    Handheld devices


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