Introduction Of Plastic Ball Valve And Pp Compression Fittings


    We are one of the professional manufacturers of ball valves and accessories. For example, plastic ball valves and PP compression accessories are one of our products.
    Why use ball valves (including plastic ball valves and metal ball valves)?
    Ball valves require no lubrication due to their compact and low-maintenance design, while still providing users with a tight seal with minimal torque, so they are widely welcomed. When choosing among all valve layout types, ball valves are also the cheapest option.
    The biggest disadvantage of the ball valve is that most designs have poor throttling characteristics, which may cause the ball valve seat to be easily corroded. The trunnion-mounted ball valve design has corrected this to a certain extent, but for those ball valves that require high throttling conditions, these factors should still be considered.
    Ball valves are also usually selected due to their ability to be successfully used in various applications and markets. As mentioned earlier, ball valves have suffered a huge impact in the oil and gas industry, but they also have a place in many manufacturing industries, chemical storage and even residential applications.
    What are pp compression fittings? PP compression fittings, also known as polypropylene clamp joints, are especially used for flexible connection of PE pipes (PE-LD, PE-HD, PE40, PE80, PE100). Applications range from heating, solar technology, rainwater utilization systems to natural gas, liquefied gas and heating oil installations. The working pressure is 10 bar or 16 bar.
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