Expansion of "Path of Exile" affected by coronavirus lock-in

  • Grinding Gear Games, the manufacturer of "Path of Exile", may have brought back the necessary equipment to continue the game, but this does not mean that it is easier to make game extensions on time due to locking and closing. Working from home and staying away from the difficulties of creative teams.

    According to Game Rant, the "Path of Exile" expansion plan was released in June this year. The game's scheduled time and patch release according to the regular timetable are completely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, nor does it affect players' love of Path of Exile and POE Currency. The titles of other "Grinding Gear Games" games, such as "Risk of Rain 2", have also suffered from slow development.

    The developers have initially set a tentative release date for the expansion of the game. However, due to the delay, players can expect developers to provide higher quality results. The results now come out also prove that the delayed results did not affect the player's interest at all.

    Although coronavirus has adverse effects on some companies, it is not without its advantages. According to the report reported by Channel News Asia, the news reported the impact of the epidemic, playing video games such as "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" on Nintendo Switch.

    People are isolated at home, unable to go out or participate in social activities, and also provide opportunities for video games. This is where game services such as Steam and video streaming platform Twitch are born. In this case, the "record breaking numbers" seen by these platforms are due to personal use and a large number of players logging onto the platform.

    Although most developers try to make the current situation work properly, Ubisoft has adapted to the work ethic of "stay at home and wash hands."

    Even though the previous path of exile was a bit difficult to update, it did not affect the final result. The developer's challenge has been successful. As they expected, the players received the same challenges and quality as in the past expansion. So far, Buy POE Currency is still a hot topic on the path of exile.