Need Buy EFT money but tired of farming?

  • When you've gotten envelope 0052, you'll need to choose who will be the beneficiary EFT Roubles. At face esteem, picking the Skier is as easy decision. He pays extensively more – more than twofold what the Therapist offers – however the genuine explanation is that he's a testy kid. In the event that you turn him down, the hit to your notoriety with him will be unbelievable. Agreeing with him gives you +0.3 Skier notoriety, while favoring the Therapist gives you - 0.3 Skier notoriety. You'd need a ton of time and exertion to recuperate from that sort of hit.

    Giving the reports to Skier will just outcome with - 0.1 Therapist notoriety, which isn't as difficult to recuperate from. Also, you've just done a lot of different journeys for her, which implies you can bear the cost of the hit there Other than that, there's no further effect on this, apparently.