Introduction Of Led Street Light Factory


    Yaham lighting shows that compared with other led lamp companies, its products in outdoor places will pay more attention to street lamps, but for most led street lamp manufacturers, street lamps are not professional. However, this is the first impression and the last impression about the style of LED street lamps in professional street lamps in LED street lamp solutions.
    Introduction of LED Street Light Factory
    Yaham Lighting understands the importance of street lighting. As a manufacturer of led street lights, our LED street light system will eliminate shadows and black spots by providing uniform lighting, thereby improving the overall environment of road lighting and improving driver safety through uniform lighting.
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    Why do we need to install street lights?
    Street lighting means providing lighting on the road to provide the necessary view for vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lighting can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. In addition, it can beautify the city.

    The purpose of setting lighting on city streets is to create a good visual environment for motor vehicle drivers.

    Advantages of Led Street Light Factory

    LED street lights bring many benefits to the government operating traffic lights:

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    Superior economic performance

    LED street light manufacturers will consider providing customers with LED lights to provide better lighting and lower electricity costs. Most LED lights will continue to provide at least 100,000 hours of stable lighting performance to reduce maintenance costs for many operators.

    TRI LED street light perfect illumination uniformity

    A factory led by a professional knows what is the best lighting requirement for roads, streets and other roads, especially it can continue to learn for several years. LED factories always do their utmost to help bring new technologies to the market with appropriate products on different styles of roads and better lighting uniformity. They will become good suppliers of optical solutions and will pay more attention and sufficient funds in optical lenses. Yaham Lighting LED street light fixtures have several different optical configurations to provide optimal beam dispersion on any street.

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    Durability and stability

    Extreme weather and other environmental conditions will place greater pressure on LED lights exposed to these conditions. Yaham Lighting's LED street lamps use an aluminum structure and anti-corrosion technology that can withstand extreme weather without reducing its performance. All led street lights have an IP66 protection rating, indicating that they are dust and moisture resistant. If accidental driving or unavoidable accidents damage the LED lights, the modular design of these lights helps to repair quickly and easily without affecting the work of other led lights.

    People-oriented solutions

    If LED lamp factories want sustainable development, they need to think more about the harmony between man and nature. Yaham Lighting uses green and environmentally friendly materials in its LED lights. When the lamp reaches the end of its service life, it can be easily recycled without special treatment to ensure the sustainability of LED lighting.

    SafeGuard LED Landscape Light

    The following are the most popular led street lights in Yaham Lighting:

    Edge LED street light

    The product is equipped with high-efficiency brand LED chips to obtain stable performance and save energy up to 70%. It uses a 140lm/w chip, which can provide 8400 lumens if a 60W light source is needed.

    It has IP66 IK08 protection level, so it can still work normally in bad weather. In addition, since it has passed CE, ETL Intertek, SAA and ENEC certification, it can guarantee quality. The Edge LED street lamp is also a professional smart lamp for municipal lighting. It uses a photocell daylight sensor design, which can further reduce energy loss and improve its performance.

    Edge solar LED street light

    LED solar street lights are becoming a new trend and leading a new direction in the street light industry. In order to follow the trend, Yaham Lighting has launched a series of new led street lights-Edge Solar.

    The product is equipped with an intelligent control system and PIR sensor to achieve unified management of the lamp. Its photovoltaic panel uses polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and is automatically charged and discharged through intelligent light sensors to further improve the potential energy saving effect.

    The product can provide a 5-year warranty for the bulb and a 3-year warranty for the battery. With its unique technology of LED chips, the efficiency can be as high as 180lm/w.