LED Flood Light Factory Has A Variety Of Products And Scenes


    Many different industrial floodlights in the Led Flood Light Factory bring the safety of high-quality lighting to various outdoor areas. These lamps have excellent appearance, performance and durability, and can provide versatility while meeting your outdoor lighting requirements. In addition to a series of proven and popular floodlight designs, there are also floodlights suitable for stadiums, billboards, factories, etc.
    Our led floodlights are designed for parking lot lighting, building and ground lighting, factory lighting, industrial courtyard lighting, entertainment venue lighting and other general area lighting applications.
    The advantages of this product are as follows:
    1. Energy-saving lamps that can replace traditional industrial floodlights
    2. Flux, energy saving 70%. And high PF, saving energy waste
    3. Long life-the life of LED is 50000 burning hours, low maintenance cost
    4. Compact and lightweight structure
    5. With excellent cost performance, we have calculated that our return on investment is only 8 months to a year, which means you can recover costs quickly
    6. The LED itself has high efficiency and power factor