How to Use an Extendable Aerial Work Platform Properly?

  • Suspended aerial work platform is essential for all those who work on scaffolds, high above the ground. These comprise of one or more platforms, which are suspended with the help of fiber or metal rope. Workers can get the chance to work at difficult places and operate effectively and safely. Find out how to use such a platform in a proper way.

    Free them of debris

    It is absolutely vital to have a platform which is completely devoid of debris. There must be sufficient amount of space over the scaffolds for workers to stand, as well as keep their tools on. Irrespective of the kind of portable work platform that they use, they have to take some important safety precautions – such as not filling them with debris, tools or any other things. Only the basic essentials have to be taken along.

    Standing properly on the platforms

    Workers also need to avoid standing on bricks or other things as they stand on this type of extendable work platform, given that these types of materials are not quite strong and can make them fall onto the ground from a great elevation.

    Using Personal fall arrest systems

    These devices can help workers avoid falling off scaffolds themselves. They should also use falling object protection, a type of system that is used for preventing dropping of objects from the platform. Even in case there is a slight risk of the items falling off the platform after taking all the necessary safety precautions, the place under the platform must be cordoned off.

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