Comparison Of Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire And Aluminum Wir


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    Xinyu enameled rectangular copper wire has excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical properties, especially in terms of high current output, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for high-voltage transformers, motors, generators, etc.
    There are so many rectangular enameled copper wire products on the market, so how to determine the quality of enameled copper wire?
    Several methods to determine the quality of enameled wire
    Electricity is a commonly used product in our lives, because its appearance greatly facilitates our lives. In order for the equipment to operate normally, we need the help of wires, which are the most common items in our lives. Wires are important equipment for power transmission. In the development of wires, we have a variety of wires and equipment, and the upgrade and replacement of wires is also very fast. Enameled wire is a relatively ordinary wire. This is very useful. Let us introduce how to distinguish the quality of enameled wire.
    Copper enameled wire refers to a wire mainly composed of aluminum core wire, the outside of which is coated with a certain proportion of copper layer. The main function of this type of wire is to transmit signals, which can be used as conductors for coaxial cables, as well as conductors for wires and cables in electrical equipment such as home audio connectors. However, because the conductivity of aluminum is only two-thirds of copper, once the wire is used, the temperature of the wire will rise, which will bring some potential safety hazards and is more dangerous for underground and enclosed projects. Therefore, the national standard stipulates that all wires and cables used to transmit electrical energy require the use of unplated or metal annealed copper wires as conductors, and the use of aluminum wires (including enameled wires) as conductors is prohibited. Aluminum has many advantages as a conductor material, but it also has its inherent shortcomings: aluminum is easy to oxidize, has a large contact resistance, cannot be welded, and is more corrosive than copper, causing copper to be replaced by aluminum.
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