Is Too Much Weightlifting Affecting Your Shoulder Blades?

  • Are you suffering from shoulder pain whilst weightlifting? This may be a sign you need to take a step back and visit an orthopedic shoulder specialist in Long Island. Here are some ways to put off your slender cramp from turning into a grave injury.

    Distal clavicular osteolysis, or weightlifter’s shoulder, impacts the collarbone where it encounters the shoulder blade at a point called the acromion. This joint is extremely supple, and thus one of the least steady in the body. Stress over a period can result in micro-fractures on the edge of the collarbone.

    If you suffer from weightlifter’s shoulder, you might undergo:

    • Ache when you extend your arm across to the opposite side
    • Ache post exercising
    • Stiffness or weakness
    • Swelling
    • Sharp pain or tenderness when you put pressure on the area
    • Dull paining

    This can be dodged with decent training routines. It is generally caused by exaggerating shoulder extensions such as push-ups, dips, or bench presses. When you exercise, make certain not to use excessive weight and give your muscles time to heal in between training practices.

    If you are suffering from distal clavicular osteolysis, the condition might retort to conservative treatment. Take a break from lifting weights, apply ice on the area, and have anti-inflammatory medications. Your doctor might recommend corticosteroid injections besides physical therapy. If surgery is required, a shoulder specialist in long island can do a simply insidious procedure using mini incisions to take away roughly 1cm of your collarbone, which will aid get rid of pain and reinstate your range of motion. Check out this website for getting appointments for top spine surgeons in Long Island.